We are Italian. We are food and wine lovers, but also teachers. We want to transmit to you our passion for real Italian food and wine. We are going to take you to a wonderful place in Italy to discover beautiful people truly passionate about the food and the wine they make.

Italian Chef Samantha Pack

Samantha Pack is a chef and cooking teacher born and raised in Italy, with British heritage. She’s been always curious about food. When she left Italy to live abroad traveling around the world, Egypt first then USA and now UK, she’s been refining her cooking style that is authentic Italian, but with a special twist thanks to all the influences she was in contact with. In 2014 she realized one of her dreams: she attended the Aberdeen College graduating Chef in 2015. This course gave her the opportunity to improve her skills, to gain the confidence and to cook at professional level. She owns her own cooking school in Schotland and teaches not only to adults but also young children at school.

Italian Journalist Marina Vizzinisi

Marina Vizzinisi is a food journalist, born in Rome but with Sicilian ancestors. After her graduation in Dutch literature, she moved to Amsterdam, where she’s still living. She has more than 30 years experience in the Italian food and wine in The Netherlands, advising restaurants and young food entrepreneurs. She’s been for years the editor of the Dutch edition of La Cucina Italiana, the iconic Italian cooking magazine,  collaborates with the major Dutch magazines dealing with Italy and is the editor in chief of the online magazine Gastronomia Mediterranea.

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